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Im building a project with symfony2.2, I'm posting here because i'm having trouble with nested collection, within collection. I want to render a form, for this kind of Doctrine Entities :


But here, the period object is not rendering, while rendering it alone works perfectly. The data-prototype is, in fact, correct but it's not rendering the data-prototype nested inside the main data-prototype.

So the question is : how do I correctly print the nested data-prototype within the main data-prototype ?

Twig template :

<fieldset class="nestedFormWeekDay" data-prototype="{{ form_widget(form.weekDays.day.vars.prototype)|e }}">
    {{ func.add_delete_form_elem('fieldset.nestedFormWeekDay', '<fieldset><legend>day</legend>', '</fieldset>') }}

HTML for the main prototype:

    <div id="timebundle_jsschedulertype_weekDays_day___name__">
        <div class="formSlot">
            <input id="timebundle_jsschedulertype_weekDays_day___name___isUltimo" type="hidden" name="timebundle_jsschedulertype[weekDays][day][__name__][isUltimo]">
            <div class="formSlot">
                <p class="formSlot">
                <p class="form"></p>
                <div id="timebundle_jsschedulertype_weekDays_day___name___period" data-prototype="<div class="formSlot"> <p class="formSlot"><label class="required">__name__label__</label></p> <p class="form"><div id="timebundle_jsschedulertype_weekDays_day___name___period___name__"><div class="formSlot"><p class="formSlot"><label class="required">Starttime</label></p><p class="form"><div id="timebundle_jsschedulertype_weekDays_day___name___period___name___startTime"><div class="formSlot"><p class="formSlot"><label class="required">Singlestarttime</label></p><p class="f...><option value="45">45</option><option value="46">46</option><option value="47">47</option><option value="48">48</option><option value="49">49</option><option value="50">50</option><option value="51">51</option><option value="52">52</option><option value="53">53</option><option value="54">54</option><option value="55">55</option><option value="56">56</option><option value="57">57</option><option value="58">58</option><option value="59">59</option></select></div></p></div></div></p></div></div></p> </div> ">

SchedulerType :

->add('weekDays', new JSWeekdaysType(), array('required' => false))

WeekDaysType :

->add('day', 'collection', array('type' => new JSDayType(), 'allow_add' => true, 'by_reference' => false, 'allow_delete' => true))


->add('period', 'collection', array('type' => new JSPeriodType(), 'allow_add' => true, 'by_reference' => false, 'allow_delete' => true))


->add('startTime', new JSSingleStartType())
->add('timeSlot',  new JSTimeSlotType());


$Scheduler = new JSScheduler();
$SchedulerType = new JSSchedulerType();
$form = $this->createForm($SchedulerType, $Scheduler);
return $this->render('TimeBundle:Form:newJsScheduler.html.twig', array('form' => $form->createView()));

And finally the javascript function that allow me to add new entities :

function add_element($container, $wrap_beg, $wrap_end)
    var index = $container.find(':input').length;
    var input = $container.attr('data-prototype').replace(/__name__/g, index);
    $input = '<div class =\'new\'>'+$wrap_beg+input+$wrap_end+'<hr/></div>';

full html : http://pastebin.com/sL8Z3Nxc

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can you provide a pastebin with what your generated html looks like ? taking a look at the generated data-prototype might help here –  nifr May 24 '13 at 10:55

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Well, the only way for rendering is to turn the jquery function 'add_delete' into recursive. And do something like :

function handle_nested_form(container)
  if (typeof container != 'object' || typeof container.children != 'function' )
  if (typeof container.attr('data-prototype') != 'undefined')
    //Do whatever you need to do with the 'data-prototype' element 
  var size = container.children().length;
  if (size)
     container.children().each(function(){ handle_nested_form($(this))});


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