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Tostring() gives the string representation of the instance? Is it because we didn't feel the need to do any conversion from object to int/float?

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Virtually any object can be converted to a string (in worst case, you can convert an object to its class name). However, you cannot say the same about int or float. How would you convert a string "asdf" into float? Or an object representing an NPC in game to an int?

By the way, noone stops you from writing your own extension method if you find a way to convert any object to an int:

public static class ObjectExtensions
    public static int ToInt32(this object obj)
        return 42;

// (...)

object o = new object();
int i = o.ToInt32();
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Sir. But have another question for u!Pardon me..I came across this question?but didn't find any answer Sir. Here it is::"In OOP, all classes inherit from Object class, so y don't we write className:Object? –  Pratik Pattanayak May 24 '13 at 10:42
Argh. Please write in plain English. Noone stops you from writing public class Test : object or public class Test : Object. But because inheriting from an object is required, language creators decided, that writing code noting this inheritance - as being obvious - is not necessary. –  Spook May 24 '13 at 10:45
Thanx a lot Sir –  Pratik Pattanayak May 24 '13 at 13:23

If you can explain how to convert a System.Windows.Forms.TextBox to a float - I'd love to know.

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Good One Sir!Thanks –  Pratik Pattanayak May 24 '13 at 10:43

Why should any Object be convertible to Int32? There's no need to add this method to Object itself. If you think that an object is convertible to int use the appropriate method or cast the object:

object obj = 1;
int num = (int) obj;


obj = "1";
num = System.Convert.ToInt32(obj);

or(if it's clearly a String)

string str = "1";
num = int.Parse(str);
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However, you can convert the object that could be convertible (to Int, for example) using the Convert class:

        object o = new object();
        o = "1234";
        int i = Convert.ToInt32(o);
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Its because compiler does not support .toInt() and supports .toString()

You can convert number to string but not string to number. Thats why compiler does not supports it.

You can use, int.parse or Convert.ToInt32 which can handle invalid numerical parts (mostly nulls)

Compiler will handle Convert.ToInt32("abc") but can not handle ("abc").toInt();

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If you didn't know, there is the static class Convert for that (it contains methods like .ToFloat and .ToInt)

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Oh forgot! Thanks @Pak Sir –  Pratik Pattanayak May 24 '13 at 10:44

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