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I use "bin/jetty.sh start" to start my server, How can I know the PORT of jetty when it is initializing in my app?

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Typically when you are using jetty.sh to start jetty, it is hard coded to a particular port in the start.ini, jetty.xml, or jetty-http.xml files, or it is passed in via the -Djetty.port property.

If you are starting up jetty with a declared port of 0, a random port will be assigned and you will have to comb the output for a line akin to:

Jetty 9:

013-05-24 11:31:57.465:INFO:oejs.ServerConnector:main: Started ServerConnector@6291d9aa{HTTP/1.1}{}

Jetty 7/8 it would likely be a oejs.SelectChannelConnector

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Thanks for the reply. –  Fanday May 27 '13 at 1:52

I found my jetty.port in the JETTY_HOME/start.d/http.ini which look like this:

# Initialize module http
## HTTP Connector Configuration

The default jetty.port is 8080, and I change it to 8081.

If the file doesn't exist, you can found the file JETTY_HOME/start.ini and add


to it.

Also you can run jetty in terminal to add agruments --port 8081.

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