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I am trying to get the timestamp of when a particular task started in Celery. Is this possible? I have tried below but could not get it to work. I am using Celery 3.0.19 with mongodb as the broker in flask.

class GenericTask(Task):
    abstract = True
    startTime = unicode(

@celery.task(name="tasks.create_provider", base=GenericTask)
def create_provider(name):
    with app.test_request_context():

Then later..

async = create_provider.apply_async((name,), startTime=unicode(

task = {'id': async.task_id,
        'operation': 'operation',
        'status': async.status,
        'startTime': async.startTime,
        'expiryTime': 'expiryTime'}
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Tasks can be tracked with a 'task-sent' event before they are consumed by a worker. Just append to your celery config:


Celerymon or celery flower should show the 'task-sent' event with timestamp.

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