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I'm using a function to allow query composition from Web UI and I would to implement paging functionality which it will be available for dataBound controls such as ObjectDataSource, gridView, etc:

  public class MyClass<TEntity> where TEntity : class
        FakeEntities xxx = new FakeEntities();

        public  IEnumerable<TEntity> Get(Func<IQueryable<TEntity>, IQueryable<TEntity>> queryExpression)
            var query = xxx.Set<TEntity>();

            return queryExpression(query).ToList();

        public int Count()
            // What Can I return?

// **** USAGE ****
  MyClass<User> u = new MyClass<User>();
            var all = u.Get(p => p.Where(z => z.Account == "Smith").OrderBy(order => order.IdOther).Skip(1).Take(2));

The above query use Take and Skip function, so can I get real count of my entities? Obviously I must return Query Count without modifying filter expression.

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I found this solution: Get count of an IQueryable<T>

However I get targetInvocationException with inner message {"This method supports the LINQ to Entities infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code."}

I know my request could be freak-abnormal, because best practice should to impose to move "presentation needs" to some wrap class and that's is what I'll do. So I don't need anymore to get Count entities on my business logic class.

That's just UI concern only.

Thank you the same.

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