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Unobtrusive validation is based on the idea that you don't do form validation until the form has been submitted by the user; once that's happened, if something is invalid on the form, then each field is immediately validated once the user has changed it.

What I want to do is trigger validation on a form element "unobtrusively" - that is, only validate the form element if the user has already tried to submit the form. So I can trigger the validation of an element (I do it when a certain checkbox is changed) like so:


But the trouble is that that will always cause lstPersonId to be validated and an error displayed when invalid, even if the user hasn't yet submitted the form once. I want it to only be validated once the user has tried to submit the form. Is there some value I can check to see whether the user has tried to submit the form yet, or some other way I can achieve this behaviour?

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altough I don't get your question right I try to guess. There is a submit() eventhandler which can be used like this: $('#myForm').submit(function(){ //Do stuff once the form has been submitted }); – thpl May 24 '13 at 11:49

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You can add a flag on submit button to identify form submit has been already clicked or not. ex:


Than in each validation of input check weather that flag is true or not and perform your validation logic.

  if( $('#submitButn').attr('data-submitted')=='true'){

On clear or reset of form you can remove that attribute

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I actually ended up using jQuery's data functionality (.data('submitted', true) on form submit) instead of attr to remember when the form had been submitted, but I basically used this solution. Thanks. – Jez May 24 '13 at 12:56

You can re-validate only when there are invalid fields:

var form_validator = $( 'form' ).validate();

// Revalidate form only if there are invalid fields:
if (form_validator.numberOfInvalids()) {
  $( 'form' ).valid();
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Have you tried using using the submit event handler?

$("form").submit(function() {
    //validate here


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