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i try to debug some tests with intellij.

I have configurated the remote debug as explain in : How to make the debugging in playframework in IntelliJ Idea

And can debug controllers and stuff. When I try to debug tests such as explain in: Is it possible to debug Play! tests from IntelliJ, with a moduled that is located in a sub-folder?

But i recibe the next message:

Action not found

For request 'GET /@tests'
These routes have been tried, in this order:
2GET/assets/$file<.+>controllers.Assets.at(path:String = "/public", file:String)

Any idea what happen here? I'm runing the server in debug mode and run play test, only run the test in console mode. Not as server.

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By default, SBT is forking a new process to execute tests. Your IDE is connected to the SBT main process but not to the "forked" one, that's why debugging doesn't work.

You can override this by defining the following setting in your Build.scala file :

val main = play.Project(appName, appVersion, appDependencies).settings(
  sbt.Keys.fork in Test := false

Now, the main process will be used to execute the tests (when executing test from the play console) and your IDE should be able to correctly debug them.

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In Play 2.3, this is accomplished by adding fork in Test := false to your build.sbt file. –  cwc Jun 24 at 16:53
This of course also work for eclipse. –  roterl Jul 3 at 14:47
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