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I recently started to use Node.js to develop a simple REST server for a TODO application using the restify framework. Now I want to rebuild my application using Vert.x with JS. Unfortunately, I could not find a REST framework for vert.x with JS (only one for Scala). Are there any good ones out there or is it generally a bad idea to develop something like that using Javascript or is it just that Vert.x is not that widely spread at the moment?

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I don't really know what you really mean by "rest framework". I used Jersey in Java and I replaced it with the vert.x RouteMatcher -- In javascript would be

var matcher = new vertx.RouteMatcher();

matcher.get('/uppercase/:name', function(request) {
    var name = request.params()['name'];    


Regards, Carlo

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Thanks a lot! I simply forgot to look it up in the vert.x docs and thought I had to use a framework for the route mapping as in Node.js... –  Leo Selig Jun 1 '13 at 14:15

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