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I'm trying to create a task using the following sample code:

    fields = {}
    fields["Name"] ="test"
    fields["Workspace"] = ""
    fields["Project"] = ""
    fields["Owner"] = ""
    fields["Estimate"] = '0.25'

    @rally.create(:task, fields)

When run I get the following errors:

Error on request - - 
  "Validation error: Task.Project should not be null", 
  "Validation error: Task.WorkProduct should not be null"
], :warnings=>[
  "API status is Deprecated and will become Not Supported on 2014-05-08", 
  "Ignored JSON element Task.Project during processing of this request."

The errors seem odd. On one hand they indicate the api is ignoring Task.Project in the JSON but then there is a validation error that Task.Project is null.

What am I doing wrong here?

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A Task cannot be created without being associated to a Work Product (i.e. a Story or Defect). A Task inherits its Project from the Project of the Work Product. So that's why the Project setting is being ignored. You'll need to associate the Task to a Story or a Defect when creating it:

fields = {}
fields["Name"] ="test"
fields["WorkProduct"] = ""
fields["Owner"] = ""
fields["Estimate"] = '0.25'

@rally.create(:task, fields)

Give that a try and it should work for you.

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