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Can someone tell me where can I find the ids of browser elements in Firefox?

I want to put a menupopup in the web developer section in Firefox and I need an id to put into the insertafter attribute.

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You can see all the IDs in the source code of browser.xul as well as its include files like Alternatively, you can inspect the browser window at runtime using the DOM Inspector extension.

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The web developer menupopup can be found in:

<menupopup id="appmenu_webDeveloper_popup">
  <menuitem id="appmenu_devToolbox">

Alternatively, If you have DOM Inspector, open it and go to menu:

File->Inspect Chrome Document->chrome://browser/content/browser.xul

(browser.xul should usually be the first item (1) with the same title as the browser's taskbar or current tab).

Then search for ID=appmenu_webDeveloper_popup. Many of the other menus can be found at ID=mainPopupSet.

Also, this scratchpad snippet lists the IDs of child elements contained in the web developer menupopup (set scratchpad environment to browser, execute as display to output the result ):

var webdev=document.getElementById("appmenu_webDeveloper_popup");
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