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I have been working on developing CXF web services that sit behind a security proxy which asks for HTTP basic authentication prior service invocation. These services communicate between each other and require authentication for both request and response.

So far i have been able to set HTTP basic authentication via the HTTPConduit for the request like so:

    Client client = ClientProxy.getClient(port);
    HTTPConduit conduit = (HTTPConduit) client.getConduit();
    AuthorizationPolicy authorizationPolicy = new AuthorizationPolicy();

The method above is called on every service method invocation and i'm getting correct inbound messages in the form of

INFO: Inbound Message
ID: 1
Address: http://someURL/someService?wsdl
Encoding: UTF-8
Http-Method: POST
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8
Headers: {Accept=[*/*], Authorization=[Basic {TOKEN}], 
                cache-control=[no-cache], connection=[keep-alive], 
                Content-Length=[735], content-type=[text/xml; charset=UTF-8], 
                pragma=[no-cache], ...}
Payload: <soap:Envelope>...</soap:Envelope>

The response, however, doesn't contain the required headers

INFO: Outbound Message
ID: 2
Encoding: UTF-8
Content-Type: text/xml
Headers: {}
Payload: <soap:Envelope/">...</soap:Envelope>

How can i modify response HTTP headers? I've tried

           Collections.singletonList("Basic "+token)));

without getting the desired result.

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One approach would be creating a CXF interceptor.

public class BasicAuthOutInterceptor extends AbstractPhaseInterceptor<Message> {

    public BasicAuthOutInterceptor() {

    public void handleMessage(Message message) throws Fault {
        String token = "basic auth token";

        Map<String, List<String>> headers = (Map<String, List<String>>) message
        if (headers == null) {
            headers = new TreeMap<String, List<String>>(
            message.put(Message.PROTOCOL_HEADERS, headers);

        headers.put("Authentication", Arrays.asList("Basic "+ token));


and registering it as an out and outFault interceptor.

    <bean id="basicAuthOutInterceptor class="BasicAuthOutInterceptor" />

            <ref bean="basicAuthOutInterceptor"/>
            <ref bean="basicAuthOutInterceptor"/>
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