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I'm trying to use some push buttons on my arduino due board, but it's not reading them right. After doing some research I found out that I had to connect a resistor in the circuit.

However, the datasheet says you can use the build in pull-up resistor but for me that still doesn't work. I used the following code;

void setup() {
    pinMode(22, INPUT);
    pinMode(23, INPUT);
    pinMode(24, INPUT);
    pinMode(25, INPUT);
    digitalWrite(22, HIGH); // pullup resistors
    digitalWrite(23, HIGH); // pullup resistors
    digitalWrite(24, HIGH); // pullup resistors
    digitalWrite(25, HIGH); // pullup resistors

and to check if the button is pressed:

if (digitalRead(22)) {
    // do code

the buttons are simply connected as follows:

+3.3V -> button -> pin 22

What might I have done wrong?

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You need to connect the other side of the button to ground, not 3.3 volts. You've already pulled the inputs HIGH (3.3 volts), so that's your steady state. When the button is pushed, your digitalRead will tell you LOW. Otherwise you can't detect it, as pushing the button doesn't change anything.

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