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I have a (probably not) unique issue with a css background div I am seeking advice on. I am using Wordpress, which creates my pages dynamically. The front page and some other pages are using one type of background (Gradient) while internal pages are using a solid white. Right now I am forced to have two style sheets - main.css for the gradient background, then internal.css for the internal - just for this background div.

Is there a way to use one css file and handle these two background divs easily? I will probably need to use a bit of php...

Essentially I am only trying to pass two different background divs, on either home or some internal pages.

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You could use your normal stylsheet on all the pages, with the solid white background set. Then on your front page and other 'special' pages, you could have a tag with the background image that will override the white:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="main.css" /><!-- This has background-color:white; -->
<?php if(!empty($special)){
echo <<<HTML

Then you'd just set $special to true or something when you're on a 'special' page.

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Thanks for your help! In Wordpress, since it generates the pages dynamically, how would i assign the 'special' pages? – HollerTrain Nov 4 '09 at 14:23

Just use different template files (which you should be doing anyway because of the different looks), and use something like an ID on the body tag to check like this:

<body id="grad">


<body id="white">

And use this in your stylesheet:

#grad {
#white {

Make sure to check out the template hierarchy page in the WordPress codex to see how you can easily create the template files you need. Use #grad in home.php and/or a custom template file that you apply to your front page (if it's static), and then use #while in everything else (category.php, tag.php, single.php, and page.php are probably the basics).

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how would this work if the header is the file that display the body tag? – HollerTrain Nov 4 '09 at 18:41

I didn't think of this but here is the code:

<body<?php if ( !is_home() ) echo ' style="background-image: url(images/about_bg.png);"'; ?>>

Put it in the header.

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    if(is_home) {
        echo '<div class="bg for main page">';
    } else {
        echo '<div class="bg for internal page">';
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If you tried to paste a snippet here, it didn't work. – Tim Post Nov 4 '09 at 14:25

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