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Does anyone know a simple way to extract a table of information from a pdf file and insert it into a mysql database without converting it to a csv or xml file first? I have well over 200 pages worth of content and converting each page will take me forever.

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Inside a PDF there is no such thing as a table. Therefore there is no "simple" way to extract such. However if you first use PDF2XML and then write a parser will make it superfluous to go through 200 pages manually. –  hakre May 24 '13 at 17:05

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There is No quick way for that.

You need to extract content from pdf to text using some 3rd party application & then upload it to database. But yes, this can be achieved programmatically once the script is ready.

Example: Download class.pdf2text.php from http://pastebin.com/hRviHKp1

Then do extraction something like this:

$pdfobj = new PDF2Text();

$pdf_list = array('1.pdf', '2.pdf', '3.pdf', '4.pdf');
foreach($pdf_list as $pdf_file){
  echo $pdfobj->output(); 

// using regex break the content in desired format & then store it to database


Hope this will help.

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