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I am trying to use Curses in PyDev in Eclipse in Win7.

I have installed Python 3.2 (64bit) and When I input the following testing codes into PyDev:

import curses  

myscreen = curses.initscr()
myscreen.addstr(12, 25, "Python curses in action!")    

It did not show any syntax error, so I think the curses was installed correctly.

However, when I ran it as Python Run, the output showed: Redirection is not supported. I do not know where this problem comes from. I googled a lot but can't find related information.

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Eclipse does not have a terminal emulator. Run it from terminal. – pihentagy Jun 3 '14 at 16:32
Did you solve the problem by running from terminal? – tdihp Apr 22 '15 at 8:31

You cannot expect to use curses with a non-terminal.

Probably you get this because you are running the script from inside an IDE, like PyCharm or any other.

All IDEs do provide consoles that are not terminals, so that's where the problem comes from.

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