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I have basic web form that I need to show/hide a field based on the results of a drop down here is what I have currently:

 <% choose_me = "--Choose one--" %>
<script type="text/javascript"> 
var f_distributor;  

function show_hide_fields(type){
    if (show_hide_fields == "Retailer"){            
        f_distributor = new LiveValidation('i_distributor');
        f_distributor.add( Validate.Presence );         
    if (show_hide_fields == "Distributor"){
    if (show_hide_fields == "Direct Purchase Retailer"){
    if (show_hide_fields == "Distributor Rep"){
    if (show_hide_fields == "Catalog/E-Commerce Company"){
    if (show_hide_fields == "Other"){
    if (show_hide_fields == "--Choose one--"){

    f_distributor = new LiveValidation('i_distributor');
    var f_type = new LiveValidation('i_type');
    f_type.add( Validate.Exclusion, { within: ['<%= choose_me %>'], failureMessage: "You must choose from the list."} );
    var f_dealer_business_name = new LiveValidation('i_dealer_business_name');
    f_dealer_business_name.add( Validate.Presence );
    var f_dealer_address1 = new LiveValidation('i_dealer_address1');
    f_dealer_address1.add( Validate.Presence );
    var f_dealer_city = new LiveValidation('i_dealer_city');
    f_dealer_city.add( Validate.Presence );
    var f_dealer_state = new LiveValidation('i_dealer_state');
    f_dealer_state.add( Validate.Exclusion, { within: ['<%= choose_me %>'], failureMessage: "You must choose from the list."} );
    var f_dealer_zip = new LiveValidation('i_dealer_zip');
    f_dealer_zip.add( Validate.Presence );
    f_dealer_zip.add( Validate.Length, { minimum: 5 } )
    var f_phone = new LiveValidation('i_phone');
    f_phone.add( Validate.Presence );
    f_phone.add( Validate.Length, { minimum: 10 } )
    var f_user_name = new LiveValidation('i_user_name');
    f_user_name.add( Validate.Presence );
    f_user_name.add( Validate.Email )
    var f_password = new LiveValidation('i_password');
    f_password.add( Validate.Presence );
    f_password.add( Validate.Length, { minimum: 6 } );
    var f_terms_acceptance = new LiveValidation('i_terms_acceptance', { insertAfterWhatNode: 'terms_acceptance_error' });
    f_terms_acceptance.add ( Validate.Acceptance );

                <div class="field"><%= select_tag "i[type]", options_for_select([ choose_me, "Retailer", "Distributor", "Direct Purchase Retailer", "Distributor Rep", "Catalog/E-Commerce Company", "Other" ], choose_me), :onchange => "if(show_hide_fields.value =='Retailer'){$('#distributor').show()} else {$('#distributor').hide()}; return false" %></div>             

The form is not throwing any errors but it is also not showing the hidden field either. I am using id in order to show and hide the field. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Where in your view do you set up an event to do something if the select field changes? –  lurker May 24 '13 at 17:59
I do not think there is a specific event but it is modeled after similar code where i changed based on the if (type == "Retailer"){ where type=the drop down filed so I suppose that would be the event –  bob kendall May 24 '13 at 18:16
yes I noticed the other code had an onclick event for the radio button but there were only two options in that case. How would I do that for a drop down that has 7 options? –  bob kendall May 24 '13 at 18:32
updated and simplified –  bob kendall May 24 '13 at 19:33
An onchange event is essential. Without it, nothing will happen if nothing changes in this case. I still don't see it in your new example. And when you make one, it can check what value has been selected and operate accordingly. –  lurker May 24 '13 at 19:39

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