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I have a question regarding Matlab's function gplot. I would like to call gplot several times in a for-loop to plot several graphs/paths in the same figure.
However, I would like to use more colors than standardly available. With the ordinary plot command this can, for example, be done in the following way:

plot([1 2],[3 4],'Color',[rand rand rand]) 

but this seems not possible within gplot. Does anyone know how to do this. My code is currently:

col=char('r', 'g', 'm', 'y','r', 'g', 'm', 'y')
hold all
for i=1:k
hold off

So now I have repeated using the same color (excluding some I do not want), but I would like to add way more new colors (around 25 extra).

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Not the cleanest solution, but you could manipulate Matlab's default plotting order. So before your existing code, call:

colors = get(gca,'ColorOrder');

colors now contains the color data for Matlab's default color cycle when using hold all. You should be able to delete and add rows of RGB values to this matrix.

For example, to just use k random colors:

colors = rand(k, 3);

Once this matrix is set to your satisfaction, just replace the color order in your current axes with:


Then execute a modified version of the remainder of your posted code:

hold all;
for i=1:k
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