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I have a requirement where I have to read CSV file and prepare a report in Jasper. I am able to use CSV data source in regular text field. But when I add a table to Detail or Summary section it expects a new Data Set to be created. I created it successfully but when the report runs it is not able to get the data from CSV data source, I am getting a blank report. The same thing works if I use Database instead of CSV. Is there a bug in Jasper.

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For table component you have to create new data source, What you have to do drag a table component and click on "New Dataset" and select CSV dataset from the connection/Data Sources drop down list.

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I have the same problem, even after following the mentioned steps it still does not work. Can u give me a sample jrxml and CSV file which works. Appreciate you Help! – user2367884 May 28 '13 at 20:42

I had the same problem. To fix it, go to the table component, right-click, then "Edit data source", choice "Connection data source expression" and write:

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