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I'm trying to link people from my company's intranet site, to the shared directory. I had done this before ( on the page in question, which a copy of can be found here )

And now I'm having issues where I'm no longer able to open the links and have it bring up a window of the folder in question. ( in Firefox, when I'm pretty sure I was able to before ), and Although I'm still able to open the links (with IE), my coworkers get a dead link scenario, where nothing happens.

Why might this be ?

Thanks in advance guys, I hope you can help me sort this out ASAP.

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I think we need more information. From what you have provided, it seems that your coworkers do not have access to the same intranet resources you do, at least not by the same file:// URI. BTW, you may want to post on serverfault or an admin forum; SO is a programming site. In short, if a local link works for you and not for them, it means that at least one of you has an incorrect configuration. To solve this, we need to ask and resolve questions like what are the links that do work? what ones don't work? which ones should work? are you on the same subnets? do you have a customized host file? – taz May 24 '13 at 19:47
Thanks for the reply man! Perhaps I can provide a little more detail. The link I posted is a live version of a site that we have hosted internally ( intranet config ), and the links in question are all the <li>'s on the page, and their respective <a href> paths. We all should have the same "internet resources", as far as I can tell. And for what it's worth, if I had them manually add the intranet site to the list of "trusted sites" they're able to access the linked folders. Also, it's odd that it no longer works in Firefox ( whereas it used to for me ). – Fox May 24 '13 at 20:59

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