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I want to set the active tab in a View that inherits MvxTabActivity from the ViewModel layer. Is there a suggested means to accomplish this or is there something in the MVVMCross framework I can use that I am missing? My only plan at the moment is have the View send messages to the ViewModel when the tab changes and have the ViewModel send a message to the View when it needs to change the active tab. I would much rather be able to bind properties from MvxTabAvtivity to the ViewModel though. E.G. the MvxTabActivity could have an "ActiveTab" property which is a simple string that names a tab and can be two-way bound to a property on the ViewModel.

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This isn' out of the box behaviour.

But you can try to do this in several ways:

I'm also sure other ways might be available.

Do be aware that the concept of changing tab might not fit well in all platforms - eg its unusual for a wp pivot or panorama to change item.

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OK, I get you.... My project is purely Android based at the moment but I think I'll take an approach that covers all bases in the future.... A pattern that matches Pieter Müller's suggestion of "Operating Mode" in his comment on an answer to this question...Cheers.… – samneric May 25 '13 at 15:12

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