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How does one change the font size of terminal output created via the print command in perl? The output font color and emphasis (e.g., bold) can be changed by using functionality provided by the Term:ANSIColor module (available from CPAN), but I have been unable to locate a module that supports changing the font size. I suspect the solution might involve system calls that modify the behavior of the shell (bash in my case), but I am not certain which calls would be appropriate in this case.

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You cannot. The font size is determined by the terminal emulator; it cannot be changed via control sequences.

(HISTORICALLY, some terminals supported certain VT100 control sequences to enable "double-width" and "double-height" characters. Using these modes required special handling, though -- for instance, double-height characters had to be outputted twice, once for each line -- and these modes are not supported by most modern terminal applications.)

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