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G76 I0.4779 J270 K7 C90

X20 Y30

If a number begins with I J K C X Y and it doesn't have a decimal then add decimal. Above example should look like:

G76 I0.4779 J270 K7. C90.

X20. Y30.

Purpose of this code is to convert CNC code for an older Fanuc OPC controller

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Set RegEx = New RegExp
RegEx.Global = True
RegEx.Pattern = "([IJKCXY]\d+)([^\.]|$)"
newVar = RegEx.Replace (oldString, "$1.$2")

Where oldString is the original string, and newVar is the string with the decimals added.

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Oops, updated now that I've had a coffee :) –  tloach Oct 3 '08 at 17:31
function convert(str)
    Set RegEx = New RegExp
    RegEx.Global = True
    RegEx.Pattern = "([IJKCXY]\d*\.?\d*)"
    Set Matches = regEx.Execute(str)

    For Each Match in Matches
    	if instr(Match.value, ".") = 0 then
    		str = Replace(str, Match.value, Match.value & ".")
    	end if
    convert = str
end function
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tloach still answer doesn't work

Waynes works but also puts a . after every occurrence of IJKCXY

I changed if instr(Match.value, ".") = 0 then

To be like if instr(Match.value, ".") = 0 and len(Match.value) > 1 then

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I've updated mine, should work now –  tloach Oct 3 '08 at 17:33

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