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I am going through the ember.js guides to learn Ember, and I am using the latest builds of ember.js, ember-data.js, and handlebars.js. I am able to successfully set up a basic nav that switches between views. However, upon trying to integrate a model with a {{#each model}}, I get an error message: Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'map'

Many people seem to have asked a related question, but the solution has always been to update the version of ember, which I have already done.

I believe have followed the tutorial precisely and my code so far is as follows.

App = Ember.Application.create();

App.Store = DS.Store.extend({
    revision: 12,
    // Says we are specifying all models in js
    adapter: 'DS.FixtureAdapter'

App.Router.map(function() {

App.PostsRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
    model: function() {
        return App.Post.find();

App.Post = DS.Model.extend({
    title: DS.attr('string'),
    author: DS.attr('string'),
    intro: DS.attr('string'),
    extended: DS.attr('string'),
    publishedAt: DS.attr('date')

App.Post.FIXTURES = ({
    id: 1,
    title: 'Book Title',
    author: 'Dave',
    publishedAt: new Date('12-27-2012'),
    intro: 'This is an introduction to the book',
    extended: 'This is an even longer introduction to the book'
}, {
    id: 2,
    title: 'Book Title 2',
    author: 'James',
    publishedAt: new Date('08-13-2012'),
    intro: 'This is an introduction to another book',
    extended: 'This is an even longer introduction to another book'

And the relevant markup:

<script type="text/x-handlebars">
<div class="navbar">
    <div class="navbar-inner">
        {{#linkTo 'index' classNames='brand'}}Brand{{/linkTo}}
        <ul class="nav">
            <li>{{#linkTo 'about'}}About{{/linkTo}}</li>
            <li>{{#linkTo 'posts'}}Posts{{/linkTo}}</li>

<script type="text/x-handlebars" id="about">
<div class="about">
<p>Here is some text about the page</p>

<script type="text/x-handlebars" id="posts">
<div class="container-fluid">
    <div class="row-fluid">
        <div class="span3">
            <table class='table'>
                <tr><th>Recent Posts</th></tr>
            {{#each model}}
                <td><a href="#">{{title}} <small class='muted'>by {{author}}</small></a></td>
        <div class="span9">

All help is much appreciated, and sorry if the formatting of this question is awful - it's my first question! Cheers!

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The main issue here is that your {{#each}} statement is a little malformed, you should be iterating over the controller object like so:

{{#each controller}}
    <td><a href="#">{{title}} <small class='muted'>by {{author}}</small></a></td>

This is because Ember controllers act a a proxy to their object or—in the case of Ember.ArrayController—to their array.

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Great, thank you. After combining your suggestion with the layout of code found at jsfiddle.net/schawaska/dWcUp I was able to get a working app. Thanks! (would upvote if I could, sorry) – Duncan Walker May 25 '13 at 19:38
No problem, glad I could help. – rpowell May 26 '13 at 0:53

Try using controller instead of model to iterate over the models in an array controller.

        {{#each controller}}
               <td><a href="#">{{title}} <small class='muted'>by {{author}}</small></a></td>
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