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I tried to modify the content of a text view while it is animated, with its animation listener, with the following code:

final String text = [...]; 
animationGoOut.setAnimationListener(new AnimationListener() {
    public void onAnimationStart(Animation animation) {}
    public void onAnimationRepeat(Animation animation) {}
    public void onAnimationEnd(Animation animation) {

animationGoOut translates the object outside of the screen and reduces its alpha to 0. animationGoIn translates the object to its original position and brings its alpha to 1. I want a TextView to go out with a text and then go in again with another text.

If I remove the instruction


the animation works well, if I change the textView before the animation starts it works well too. If I change the code into the listener (as the code shows) the animation does not work at all!

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I'd recommend to use the new Property Animations. If you need to support API's < 11 you can check out the Nine Old Androids library. See youtube.com/watch?v=3UbJhmkeSig for a nice explanation from Chet Haase about this. –  Niek Haarman May 24 '13 at 21:55

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I solved the problem using a TextSwitcher object.

On the layout I have a TextSwitcher (in the place where should be the TextView). Then this is my code:

TextSwitcher mTextSwitcher = null;

protected void onCreate(...) {
    mTextSwitcher = findViewById(R.id.textSwitcher);
    Animation animIn = ...;
    Animation animOut = ...;

private void changeText(String nextText) {

public View makeView() {
    TextView t = new TextView(this);
    t.setTextSize(TypedValue.COMPLEX_UNIT_SP, 22);  // the size of a LargeText text view
    return t;

Each time I call mTextSwitcher.setText(String) it performs the out animation and then the in animation with the new text. Exactly what I wanted!

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