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Here's my issue. I have three Oracle tables.

Table Building:

Building_Id | Building_Description
B1          | Building1

Table Room:

Building_Id | Room_ID | Room_Sqft | Floor_ID
B1          | R1      | 555       | F1
B1          | R2      | 333       | F1
B1          | R3      | 666       | F2
B1          | R4      | 111       | F2

Table: Floor

Building_Id | Floor_ID | Floor_Sqft
B1          | F1       | 999
B1          | F2       | 888

What I'm trying to accomplish is one set of sums that look like this:

Building_Id | Sum_of_Floors | Sum_of_Rooms
B1          | 1887          | 1665

Since the sum of the rooms on the floor does not equal the total of the floor, it's not as simple as summing the rooms up twice. Any tips on how to build the query to get what I need?

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SELECT Building_Id,
       (SELECT SUM(Floor_SqFt)
          FROM Floor f
         WHERE f.Building_ID = b.Building_Id) Sum_of_Floors,
       (SELECT SUM(Room_SqFt)
          FROM Rooms r
         WHERE r.Building_ID = b.Building_Id) Sum_of_Rooms
  FROM building b
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You should be able to write a query such as:

    sum_floors = (select sum(floor_sqft) from floor f where f.building_id = b.building_id),
    sum_rooms = (select sum(room_sqft) from room r where r.building_id = b.building_id
from building b
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