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I'm using Google Play Games Services in connection with the BaseGameUtils-helper-library. On every launch of an activity extending BaseGameActivity, a popup with a ProgressBar saying "Signing in to Google+" pops up for a few milliseconds, even though the user may not have opted to sign in via Google+ at all. Is it possible to suppress this dialog? It should only be shown if the user is actively signing in to Google+, not when the activity is handling the sign-in-process in the background.

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Yes, it is possible. You have the source, you will have to edit it. I believe those utils and helpers are supposed to be examples, not libraries. Removing the dialog is very easy though... you need to remove the showProgressDialog method.

Also notice that the default implementation will attempt connections on the onStart method since its mAutoSignIn variable is initialized to true.

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Thanks, you're right! I commented out showProgressDialog(true); in connectNextClient(). This way, the progress dialog will still be shown when the user actively clicks on "sign in", but not on automated reconnects after that. – Nick May 25 '13 at 23:14

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