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I am running a command

hg st

and then checking it's $LASTEXITCODE to check for availability of mercurial in the current directory. I do not care about its output and do not want to show it to my users.

How do I suppress ALL output, success or error?

Since mercurial isn't a PowerShell commandlet hg st | Out-Null does not work.

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Out-Null works just fine with non-PowerShell commands. However, it doesn't suppress output on STDERR, only on STDOUT. If you want to suppress output on STDERR as well you have to redirect that file descriptor to STDOUT before piping the output into Out-Null:

hg st 2>&1 | Out-Null

2> redirects all output from STDERR (file descriptor #2). &1 merges the redirected output with the output from STDOUT (file descriptor #1). The combined output is then printed to STDOUT from where the pipe can feed it into STDIN of the next command in the pipline (in this case Out-Null). See Get-Help about_Redirection for further information.

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Awesome. That works. Can you explain what the 2>&1 syntax actually means? –  George Mauer May 24 '13 at 22:57
2>&1 means "redirect standard error to the same place as standard output." –  Bill_Stewart Jun 20 at 18:54
@Bill_Stewart I believe that's what I said, only that I addressed both parts of the operator separately, because other streams could be merged with STDOUT (the success output stream, actually) as well. –  Ansgar Wiechers Jun 20 at 18:58
@AnsgarWiechers - sure. I didn't notice that you had amended your answer after George Mauer asked for clarification. –  Bill_Stewart Jun 22 at 19:15

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