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I have a QListWidget control for which I have a slot for the selectionChanged signal. The list is configured for multi-selection. The slot is getting called while the mouse button is still down while the user is dragging to select multiple items. I don't want to process the changes until the mouse button is released. What I really need is some sort of Editing Finished signal, although not necessarily one that requires that focus on the control is lost. Can you give this novice some guidance, please ?

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Using some combination of the events above, or the signals already built into your QListWidget, go and start a "done editing timer". When there is another click or edit, reset the timer. On the timeout of the timer, do your calculations or filtering.

For example:

subclass QListWidget.

initialize the timer (singleshot, set at 750 ms or so)

itemSelectionChanged => start the timer

mousePressEvent => stop the timer

mouseReleaseEvent => start the timer

keyPressEvent => (shift),(ctrl), or (arrows) => stop the timer
keyReleaseEvent => (all keys released) => start the timer

focusOutEvent => start the timer

focusInEvent => stop the timer

connect the timer's timeout signal to a custom signal `myEditingFinished`

outside of your QListWidget, connect to its myEditingFinished signal to runDatabaseQuery or whatever you are trying to do.

Hope that helps.

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