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im using twitter bootstrap on my site, and i wanted to enable a popover, over a list item in my navbar, but i seem to have issues with it, this is my list element:

<li class="danger">
    <a href="../contest.php"></i> Contest</a>

now, if i do this:

<li class="danger">
    <a href="../contest.php" id="contestPop" data-placement="bottom" data-original-title="title" data-content="content"></i> Contest</a>

The link does not work, the popup toggles, but i havnt set it to toogle, i call it like this:


$(document).ready(function() {

     var seenAdd = $.cookie("Add")

     if (seenAdd == 1) {

     } else {

        $.cookie("Add", 1, { path: '/' }, { expires: 30 }); 
        setTimeout(function (){ $("#contestPop").popover("show");},2000);
        setTimeout(function (){ $("#contestPop").popover("destroy");},8000);

EDIT: If i place the popover elsewere, the link does not stay where it is supposed to...

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what's with the </i> tag? – vijrox May 24 '13 at 23:46
Its an icon ---- – John DOe May 24 '13 at 23:53
woops, i forgot the start <i> in the post – John DOe May 24 '13 at 23:54

Change the url ../contest.php for hashtag (#) or javascript:; and remove the element <i>;. It's wrong.

You can use the popover this way:

<li class="danger">
<a href="#" id="contestPop" data-placement="bottom" data-original-title="title" data-content="content"> Contest</a>

and in your JS:

$(function ()  { $("#contestPop").popover();  });  

Obs.: Don't forget the Jquery.

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