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So this question is a little hard to explain, but basically what i want is to have an array list for a listview, but change the title on the listview. So that when the user sees the listview it says one thing, but passes through different information. Here's my code:

//the string names
String names[] = { "item1", "item2"};

i have 2 classes called item1.java and item2.java when one listitem is clicked it sets a class equal to the activity name and opens it like this:

    protected void onListItemClick(ListView lv, View v, int position, long id){
    super.onListItemClick(lv, v, position, id);
    String openClass = names[position];
        Class selected = Class.forName("com.example.example." + openClass);
        Intent selectedIntent = new Intent(this, selected);
    }catch (ClassNotFoundException e){

protected void onPause() {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub

But in the listview i don't want it to say "item1" and "item2"....is there any way to make like an alias or something? Sorry if my question is hard to understand i tried my best to explain what i need help with let me know if you have any questions about my question(: thanks for the help

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You do this the same way you make any custom adapter, such as one that should display images instead of or in addition to some text.

For example, if your adapter is an ArrayAdapter, you create a subclass, override getView(), and do what you want in there to format your rows the way that you want.

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Awesome, thanks so much! –  Plays2 May 25 '13 at 1:20

You can override toString() to do this. See following example

public static class Alias {
    String originalValue;
    public Alias(String s) {
        this.originalValue = s;

    public String toString() {
       return "What are you want to show";

String names[] = {"item1", "item2"};
Alias array[] = new Alias[names.length];
Alias array[0] = new Alias(names[0]);
Alias array[1] = new Alias(names[1]);
ArrayAdapter<Alias> adapter = new ArrayAdapter<Alias>(this, resId, array);

This will show "What are you want to show" in every listview whatever the value is.

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