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I have 2 tables Employee and Company_Employee.

Employee: ID, FirstName

Company_Employee: ID, Company_ID, Employee_ID

I want to do a search by First Name. I was thinking my query would look like:

   select FirstName, ID from Employee where FirstName LIKE '%John%' and ID in (select id from Company_Employee)

This query returns no rows. Does anyone know how I can get the rows with a like by FirstName with these 2 tables?


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You've used the id field from Company_Employee - shouldn't you have used Employee_ID (inside the brackets)? –  martin clayton Nov 4 '09 at 15:34

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Your query compares a company_employee.id with an employee.id. It should probably compare employee.id with company_employee.employee_id.

You can rewrite the query more clearly with a join:

select *
from employee e
join company_employee ce
    on e.id = ce.Employee_ID
where e.FirstName like '%John%'
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Something like this

Employee e
INNER JOIN Company_Employee ce JOIN ON e.Id = ce.Id)
FirstName LIKE '%JOHN%'
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