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In my rails app, I have a Donation model, which has an attribute called status (an integer) and a child model called Delivery. A donation has_one delivery.

In the delivery model, I have callbacks

class Delivery < ActiveRecord::Base

  belongs_to :donation

  after_create :increment_donation_status
  before_destroy :zero_donation_status

  def increment_donation_status
    self.donation.status += 1

  def zero_donation_status
    self.donation.status = 0

When I create a delivery, it properly runs increment_donation_status, and the donation's status is incremented. However, when I destroy the delivery, the delivery gets destroyed, but the donation's status is never set back to 0.

I've tried using both before_destroy, and after_destroy. I've also tried putting a print statement in zero_donation_status, and it works. However, when I try to print self.donation.id, this does not work. For some reason, it seems as though the delivery object cannot reference its parent donation when a destroy callback is being run.

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Found the problem. Even though I had a has_one relationship from donations to deliveries, the delivery I was deleting was actually pointing to a donation with two deliveries. Because of this, it couldn't resolve self.donation. Whoops.

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