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I'm almost completely new to programming (I've only made rudimentary maths programs in Python) so I would like to approach learning to program properly. In order to get proper advice, you need to know what I want to create.

Essentially it is a physics program that shows the decay chains and ratios of radioactive isotopes and their products. For example, the user selects Carbon-14 and a suitable time frame, presses go and sees the ratios of C-14 and its products change over time. What I would like for the output is a table of values, a couple of pie charts and the option to pause, play and stop the model.

The main meat of the program is the calculation. This should be relatively easy as it's simple number crunching (I could do that in Python now). What I need advice on is how to go about creating a user input (list of isotopes, chosen mass/number of atoms, time step, etc.), having that feed into the program, and having the resulting information being fed out and constantly updated in the form of pie charts/ tables.

I only have about 3 weeks (3-4 hours a day-ish) to go from nothing to finished working product. Visually, the final program needs to be functional above beautiful. I don't mind it looking a bit windows 95 (but it would be nice if it could be refined if I have time).

So, what programming language/software should I use? What additional stuff do I need for the input/output? How long do you think it will take?

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You can use the tkinter as your GUI, it comes standard with your python. It would take only about 1 week to build the interface. (Feeding the input and let your program work on it).

When you have that working. You can then write your own function to draw the charts (that would take about another week?). Total of 2 weeks you should have a working program.

Python standard library tutorial:

Tkinter tutorial:

You should build your project piece by piece, test out each of your function as you go along. And if you run into problems you can't fix, you can ask a question here. I am sure everyone would love to help you.

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