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To make a long story short, I accidentally all my user accesses to myphpadmin and I have no clue how to re institute a user so I can access mysql again. Right now I have no access to even sign in mysql when using the commandline and phpmyadmin just displays an error.

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Well, if you managed to delete the root user, I assume you have the ability to restart the mysql daemon. Try killing mysql, and restarting it:

mysqld –skip-grant-tables



Which should give you unfettered access to your user table.

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Resetting the Root Password

Connect to the mysqld server with this command:

shell> mysql

Issue the following statements in the mysql client. Replace the password with the password that you want to use.

mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('MyNewPass')
    ->                   WHERE User='root';

The FLUSH statement tells the server to reload the grant tables into memory so that it notices the password change.

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Looks like you've not just delete the table, but also the entire mysql permission database. You need now to find the script 'mysql_install_db'. Once you run it, you will recreate the mysql permissions database. Now you need recreate users for any application you've set up previously.

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