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I'm using GenericRepository pattern from https://github.com/huyrua/efprs. I just want to select constructor with DbContext as parameter. I know there's duplicate question, but solution from this didn't solve. Here's my configuration:

ObjectFactory.Initialize(x =>
    x.Scan(scan =>
     .Ctor<DbContext>().Is(c => c.GetInstance<DbContext>());

this cause error "StructureMap Exception Code: There is no argument of type System.Data.Entity.DbContext for concrete type Infrastructure.Data.GenericRepository".

When using this:

x.SelectConstructor<Infrastructure.Data.IRepository>(() => new Infrastructure.Data.GenericRepository((DbContext)null));
 .Configure.Ctor<DbContext>().Is(c => c.GetInstance<DbContext>());

Causing "StructureMap configuration failures: Error 104".

Specifying from first code, adding parameter name "context" like this:

 .Ctor<DbContext>("context").Is(c => c.GetInstance<DbContext>());

causing error "Missing requested Instance property "connectionStringName" for InstanceKey xxx". I don't know what to do now.

Any solution would be appreciated.

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"There is no argument of type System.Data.Entity.DbContext for concrete type Infrastructure.Data.GenericRepository". That's because the GenericRepository depends on ObjectContext. Not DbContext. –  Steven May 27 '13 at 21:08

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The StructureMap is trying to express, that the DbContext has constructor with a string parameter "connectionStringName". As you can see in the test scenario of the link you've appended: MyDbContext.cs

public class MyDbContext : DbContext
   public MyDbContext(string connStringName) :

So, what we need to do, is correctly map the constructor of the DbContext. For example:

 // example, taking the first conn string - adjust as needed

Now, even the DbContext would be correctly set

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Error: StructureMap Exception Code: 302. There is no argument of type System.String for concrete type Toko.Data.Entity.TokoContainer –  iroel May 27 '13 at 11:03
If TokoContainer is your class, change its constructor. You have to pass the conn string to the base DBContext anyway –  Radim Köhler May 27 '13 at 11:07

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