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I have a function like this:

def checks(a,b):
    for item in a:
        if b[1] == item[1]:
           return True
           return False

I want to check if the second value of b is in the second value of item in a such as:

>>> True

But the code I have right now will return False because I believe it's comparing '6y' with '5v'. How do I solve this?

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You’re returning True at the right spot, but if the first item doesn‘t match, the function returns False immediately instead of continuing with the loop. Just move the return False to the end of the function, outside of the loop:

def checks(a,b):
    for item in a:
        if b[1] == item[1]:
           return True

    return False

True will be returned if an item is matched and False will be returned if the loop finishes without a match.

Anyways, that explains why your code wasn’t working, but use any as suggested by others to be Pythonic. =)

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this challenge feels like it requires more thought. rather than returning true on a match, it may make more sense to use a 'flag' variable checking for errors during the loop, and returning the final result. –  donfede May 25 '13 at 4:12
@donfede: What errors, exactly? –  minitech May 25 '13 at 4:12

This can be expressed in a simpler way:

def checks(a, b):
    return any(b[1] == item[1] for item in a)
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You could use any() here:

def checks(a,b):
    return any (b[1] == item[1] for item in a)

>>> checks(['5v','7y'],'6y')
>>> checks(['5v','7z'],'6y')

Help on any:

>>> print any.__doc__
any(iterable) -> bool

Return True if bool(x) is True for any x in the iterable.
If the iterable is empty, return False.
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IMO, if OP is having trouble with a basic for loop, I don't think any with a generator is going to make things easier to understand. –  Blender May 25 '13 at 4:14

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