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In javascript, I'm getting the Date & Time as 1/05/2013 20:00 (d/mm/yyyy HH:MM)

But I want the date & time in this format 01/05/2013 20:00 (dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM)

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have a look at date.js.. easy to use and come in handy for all date related issues – bipen May 25 '13 at 7:00
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jQuery doesn't offer any help with date/time formatting.

If you want something sophisticated without much hazzle, take date.js

However, if adding a "0" to the beginning of the date is everything you ever want, this will be enough:

var date = "1/05/2013 20:00";

function modifyDateAccordingToYourNeeds(date_in)
    var day_part = date_in.split("/")[0];
    if (day_part.length == 1)
        date_in = "0" + date_in;

    return date_in;


However, be careful as this approach is very limited.

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What do you mean by limited? – Pearl May 25 '13 at 7:46
@User Limited in the sense of "can only handle your requirement of adding a 0 to the beginning of the string, if not already present". If you should later decide to use a different format like YYYY-mm-dd hh:mm:ss, you better directly stick to solutions like date.js. – David Müller May 25 '13 at 10:28

maybe use this

var curr_date = date.getDate();
var curr_month = date.getMonth();
var curr_year = date.getFullYear();

date= curr_date + '/'+ curr_month + '/'+ curr_year;
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More possibilities


var d = "1/05/2013 20:00";

function padDay(date) {
    if (date.charAt(1) === "/") {
        date = "0" + date;

    return date;


On jsfiddle

or with moments


var d = "1/05/2013 20:00";

function padDay(date) {
    return moment(d, "D/M/YYYY").format("DD/MM/YYYY");


On jsfiddle

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+1 I like the first logic. – Mr_Green May 25 '13 at 8:18

The Globalize library allows you to do both globalization and customization of dates easily. The following example is taken from the documentation page:

Globalize.format( new Date(1955,10,5), "dddd MMMM d, yyyy" ); // "Saturday November 5, 1955"

The globalize library also allows you to output dates in a format appropriate for the culture specified. It supports virtually all available cultures. Another example:

// assuming a culture with "/" as the date separator symbol 
Globalize.format( new Date(1955,10,5), "yyyy/MM/dd" ); // "1955/11/05"

If you want to do any more globalization, the Globalize library also allows for number and currency globalization. I have created a small sample project that shows how to use this library for client-side globalization:

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Try this:

function changeFormat(string) {
    var p = string; //"1/05/2013 20:00"
    var n = /^[0-9]*/.exec(p)[0];
    p = p.replace(n, "");
    if (n.length == 1) {
        n = "0" + n;
    return n + p;

alert(changeFormat("1/05/2013 20:00"));
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