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We have built a small MVC4 application using Azure Cloud Services. It has been deployed through Visual Studio. Now we are going add a test environment where the application should be tested, before being deployed into production.

I would like to have our CI server to build, test and create a deployable package, This package could then be deployed to any environment, providing correct configurations.

But I have not found a convenient way to do this. It is easy to build a package for a specific environment, with configuration transformations for .config and .cscfg files.

Is having the CI server to build a separate package for each environment the way to go, or have I missed something?

There are ways described how the web.config could be modified when the WebRole is starting, but this feels a bit hacky, and not the way the guys at Microsoft intended when creating Cloud Services.

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Using the CI server to deploy the specific configuration has been the easiest in my experience. I think using the Visual Studio "Build" section in Team Explorer is what your looking for. We use Team Foundation Service as our Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery server. In Visual Studio we've created Production and Testing build configurations. In the Build tab we've created a Continuous Integration Build which will kick off unit tests on every checkin, and a Continuous Delivery Build That will deploy newly tested checked in code on a regular schedule. These Build Events can be set to use a specific (Production/Testing) build configuration.

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