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I have 100s of javascript files inside the hierarchy of folders and I want two sets of output. one is to have a concatenated version for debugging purposes and the other one is to have a concat + minfy version. I am currently using the below plugin but in this I need to provide each and every file that I need to minify. I am looking for a plugin which needs only parent folder and satisfy the above conditions.

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You should take a look to yui compression maven plugin which sounds like the thing you need.

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Yes, I was using it but not correctly. I was missing the aggregation of resources. – Mady May 26 '13 at 9:34

YUI compression maven plugin worked for me. I will show what all I did to make it work.

  • To concatenate all the js files I used aggregation.

Details of the elements used.

  • preProcessAggregates - To process aggregation before minification.
  • aggregations - To aggregate the multiple resources in folder hierarchy to a single file.
  • aggregation - There can be multiple aggregation elements inside parent aggregations.
  • insertNewLine - Insert newline after each file eof, while concatenation/aggregation of files.
  • inputDir - Parent directory inside which files would be searched for concatenation/aggregation.
  • sourceDirectory - Directory under which files would be searched for minification.
  • outputDirectory - Directory under which minified output would be placed.
  • nosuffix - If set to true, then plugin will not add '-min' to the minified file.

There are 2 types of <exclude> property:-

  • First is part of aggregation, which basically excludes files from aggregation.
  • Second is part of the plugin to exclude files from minification.

Plugin code:-

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Mady, Minify Maven Plugin does also support include/exclude patterns.
Please take a look at the Lexicographical ordering example page from the plugin documentation.

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Thanks Samuel, yeah it works well, but closure jsEngine is not able to minify, it is breaking at some point. Initially, I was inclined to closure that's why i used the minify-maven-plugin. – Mady May 27 '13 at 6:26

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