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I've a problem on a bash script that is: - executed by "root" on system startup or on demand - run a script with "stefano" priviledges - redirect output on a log file if triggered by "root" or on "/dev/stdout" if triggered by "stefano":

 [ "$1" == "log" ] && log="$2" || log="/dev/stdout"

 if [ "`/usr/bin/whoami`" != "stefano" ]; then
      echo "You are not allowed"
      exit 9

 runuser -s /bin/bash stefano -c "echo I am Stefano >> $log"

In this case i obtain a bash: /dev/stdout: Permission denied

Why user "stefano" cannot write on /dev/stdout if command is triggered by root?

obviously acting as stefano> echo "I am Stefano" >> /dev/stdout does not get any error.

Thanks in advance for your help! Stefano, Milan, Italy

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Why user "stefano" cannot write on /dev/stdout if command is triggered by root?

That's probably because the terminal device is owned by root without write permission for others. Try /dev/tty instead.

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In your if statement

if [ "/usr/bin/whoami" != "stefano" ]; then

you compare the sttring "/usr/bin/whoami" with the string "stefano" (literally), and of course it is never equal, so the expression in the if statement is always true.

You could use command substitution to execute the command "/usr/bin/whoami" (returns the current user's username) like this:

if [ "$(/usr/bin/whoami)" != "stefano" ]; then

Note that this will only work when you are user "stefano", and not as root, since you validate based on the username.

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yes, your're right. I made a typo/transcription error. I corrected it by the way the error I have is on "permission denied" while I'm trying to flush output on /dev/stdout –  Stefano Radaelli May 25 '13 at 8:44

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