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Dynatree has an example of column layout here.

I am trying the same but cant make it to work. Can anyone suggest a better css plan for columns ?


//output sample after proper clomun layout
// Motors      Parts(12253)      STOCK(12)      Collection(5)
// BIKES       Parts(12253)      STOCK(12)      Collection(5)
// BICYCLES    Parts(12253)      STOCK(12)      Collection(5)
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This worked for me

 #table {display: table;}
.row {display: table-row;}
.cell {display: table-cell;width:100px;}

<div id="table">
  <div class="row">
    <span class="cell">Parts(12253)</span>
     <span class="cell">STOCK(12)</span>v
     <span class="cell">Collection(5)</span>
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