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I am trying to convert a couple of maven projects into using gradle.

In this maven project, there are some configuration files shared by all projects. These configuration files are packed into a zip and then installed into the local maven repository using the maven assembly plugin.

I managed to create a zip file using gradle with:

apply plugin: 'base'
apply plugin: 'maven'

group = 'my.test.config'

task dist(type: Zip) {
  classifier = 'config'
  from 'src'


artifacts {
  archives dist

but there is no install task created automatically. How do you tell the maven plugin it should create the install task and add the zip to this task?

I want to do gradle install and then the created zip file is installed into the local maven repository where it can be used by other (maven and/or gradle) projects as a build dependency.

(or is there a better way to make files available to multiple projects build by gradle without resorting to a static location on the filesystem or webserver)

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To get an install task, you'll have to apply both the maven and java plugins. Alternatively, it should also be possible to declare a task of type Upload and add a mavenInstaller repository as shown in the Gradle User Guide.

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Ok, but with java plugin, it tries to compile java sources which are not there (it does nothing but it look weird) I'll try the Upload type task. – rve May 26 '13 at 7:01
@Peter, I'm using your suggested approach of using java plugin and it works nicely, except that I'm still getting a jar file in addition to the zip in my local repository. Is there any way to prevent the jar file from being generated/uploaded? – kaskelotti Nov 15 '13 at 6:29

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