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I have Play! application in Bitbucket. I have my local repo linked to both Bitbucket and Heroku and everything works fine (whenever I push to heroku master, the application re-builds and I can see the changes online). Now, I want only to push to bitbucket and deploy to Heroku, i.e. I want to push to Bitbucket, and my Heroku app to pick the changes from Bitbucket and rebuilds the app. The reason I want this is because Bitbucket now offers online code editing and I do not always have Git or Heroku Toolbelt installed in the systems I work. It will also be nice to manage a single repo.

I know that Heroku maintains it's own git system and from Heroku's Settings tab, I can see following info -

Region: United States
Stack: Cedar
Framework: Play 2.x - Scala
Git URL:
Repo size: 139 MB
Slug size: 117 MB of 200 MB

Also, I have changed the GitHub Repo settings in Heroku to I have found this and this SO issues and this Heroku documentation related to my requirement, but couldn't make it work. Is it even possible?

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You could have used Bitbucket Services; unfortunately, there is none for Github. Maybe you could try to build one and submit to Bitbucket.

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The Github Repo setting in Heroku simply displays the commit diffs in the activity log - there's a note to that effect just in the Github repo text

Link your app to a GitHub repository to see commit diffs in the activity log.

It doesn't provide any other functionality at present.

I'm not familiar with Play myself, but with Rails and the add (and others I imagine) you can do continuous deployment where you push to github/bitbucket and that then uses a webhook to trigger codeship to pick up your code, test it and then deploy it to Heroku. I'm sure there are Play hosted testing services out there which may help.

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