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Helloes and thank you for reading :)

I am writing an application in MFC/SDI. I split the window in two views. The one on the left is derived from CTreeView, the one on the right from CView. I also created an invisible splitter to part them. Here's the picture showing it: http://i.imgur.com/hdKqArZ.png (the area on the left is CTreeView derived, my bad). I wanted to move the CTreeCtrl so it doesn't cover the picture. I googled for the possible solution but the only one I found doesn't work quite as I expected. Using GetWindowRect moves the whole area and doesn't allow me to draw on the area that was previously a part of the rectangle but no longer is. So when I move the CTreeCtrl I can't put a picture in the area above it. I am doing all these things in OnInitialUpdate().

Here's a sample code of what I've found on the internet and tried doing:

CTreeCtrl &list_recipes = this -> GetTreeCtrl();
rect.top += 100;
rect.bottom += 100;

// inserting items into the CTreeCtrl
// (...)

CImage image;
CDC dc;
image.LoadFromResource(AfxGetInstanceHandle(), IDB_CUPCAKE);
CRect rect3(0,0,202,126);
image.Draw(pDC -> m_hDC,rect3);

Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance :) And I have to use MFC, it wasn't my decision.

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I would avoid drawing your image on the treeview. Try using a separate view which contains the treeview and a static control with the treeview moved below.

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I've come up with the same solution just before reading your post, it works and thanks for your help :) –  olasia May 25 '13 at 13:30

Instead of CTreeView you could use CFormView for the left pane. On this form view (which uses a dialog template) put a CTreeCtrl and a CStatic for the picture.

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