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I have a WordPress Website www.bccfalna.com and I have created some Custom Taxonomy. Everything is working well when I use following URLs in my web browser:


which is equal to :


Format specified at WordPress Documentation. But I am very confused about What URL I use in my Web Browser, so that I can use following URL specified at WordPress Documentation:


I mean, I have created a Template taxonomy-$taxonomy.php, But I don't know about What URL I use in my web browser, so that WordPress can run taxonomy-$taxonomy.php Template and I could see the Output.

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If you want the taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php template applied to term archives, do not create individual taxonomy-{taxonomy}-{term}.php files. From the Codex, this is the hierarchy:


Note: in WP, 'general' taxonomy archives (i.e. an archive page showing all posts using terms belonging to a certain taxonomy) are not available out of the box, compare example.com/tag/ or example.com/category/.

PS: You can use this plugin during development to reveal templates being used.

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