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I want to open a file located in "C:/Abaqus_JOBS/Reliability/Job-M1/input_files". My code looks like:

    character :: JobName, JobDir, JobInpFol
    JobDir="/Reliability/" // JobName
    JobInpFol=JobDir // "/input_files/"
    OPEN(20, FILE="C:/Abaqus_JOBS" // JobInpFol // 
 1  "failureUEL.txt", action="write",status="replace")

However fortran opens the file in "C:/Abaqus_JOBS".

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If that is your code, then JobName, JobDir, and JobInpFol are all characters with length 1 (you can test this by adding print *,len(JobName), len(JobDir), len(JobInpFol) in your code. So your open line is really seeing the / in "/Reliability/".

You want something like character(len=30) :: JobName, JobDir, JobInpFol and then use trim(adjustl(JobName)) to eliminate white spaces.

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adjustl is superfluous here – agentp May 28 '13 at 20:20

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