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Recently I come acorss a strange problem. A Program running as a daemon and creates File descriptor and it constantly increase. I can count from the /proc/{pid}/fd/. File descriptor constantly increase and at one point Daemon started malfunction and gives error on terminal 'Can't Spwan child'

I debug the problem and found that I need to increase File Descriptor default limit using 'ulimit -n'. I did the same but I think it still taking default value from the system, rather than my '819200' limit.

So Just wanted to know can I delete the File Descriptor manually {I tried, but no success}? Is there any hardcore limit for File Descriptor?

Want to learn more about File Descriptor, I just found that Kenel allocate memory to File Descriptor.

Need your expert advice/guidance.

Thanks in advance.

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Your program is leaking filedescriptors. Add a close(fd); in line 42 , after using the fd. (or: don't reopen it every time) –  wildplasser May 25 '13 at 15:12
Ok, let me do that. But wants to know more about File Descriptor, it is only created by open system call, I have seen that Without using open system call, application creates file descriptor, so where it is come from? I know stdin, stdout and stderr these 3 standard file descriptor creates when application starts. –  skanzariya May 27 '13 at 16:27

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