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I have heard many times that C and Python/Ruby code can be integrated.

Now, my question is, can I use, for example a Python/Ruby ORM from within C?

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Did you check out the documentation on embedding python? – Bakuriu May 25 '13 at 16:42
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Yes, but the API would be unlikely to be very nice, especially because the point of an ORM is to return objects and C doesn't have objects, hence making access to the nice OOP API unwieldy.

Even in C++ is would be problematic as the objects would be Python/Ruby objects and the values Python/Ruby objects/values, and you would need to convert back and forth.

You would be better off using a nice database layer especially made for C.

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For Ruby, yes, you can by using the Ruby C API. After including ruby.h you can use rb_funcall:

To invoke methods directly, you can use the function below

VALUE rb_funcall(VALUE recv, ID mid, int argc, ...)

This function invokes a method on the recv, with the method name specified by the symbol mid.

This will allow you to call any Ruby method, and thus use any Ruby code from C. It won’t be pretty, though. There are a lot of good resources in SO’s Ruby C API tag wiki.

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