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I have some questions about Directsound and windows mixers. My goal is to enumerate all microphones and be able to change the input volume of each one. I think i'm not far from the solution, but I don't find what is wrong in my code. Here is what I have done: - I enumerate all input devices and get a GUID for each one - I use a method found on a topic to get the mixer id corresponding to a directsound guid using this method (but I'm not sure if it works) - Then I get the id corresponding to the control in the mixer - Then I can modify the volume

Here is the code: a vs2008 project

To test, I have connected two microphones usb + the line-in microphone, and I visually check what sliders are moving. But unfortunately it's not the good one ... here is a screenshot ( of all my mixers opened in windows xp.

Have you an idea of what I am doing wrong? Is there an easiest solution?

bonus question: do you know if there is a way to know if a microphone is connected or not in Line-in, using Directsound? Because the Line-in is always detected as connected even if no microphone is connected.

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I think the only way to detect if a microphone is connected is to see if there is some input noise coming in. – schnaader Nov 4 '09 at 17:07

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