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In selenium, WebDriver.switchTo().window(aWindowHander) is used to switch defferent windows. But I have an issue in IE9:

When a button is clicked, A new window is opened by javascript, I think. And WebDriver.getWindowHandles() returns two window handlers. That means the new opend window is detected. But WebDriver.switchTo.window(newOpenedWindow) is blocked whitout error, blocking for ever. No exception, no error, just block here. It seems the new window always get focus.

I havn't tried other browsers because IE9 is used only for some reason.

Oh, my god! Some one can give me some help?

===updated for code snippet===

WebElement input = webDriver.findElement("inputField"));
/* Make a 'tab' opertation to lose focus. 
 * This will trigger the new window opening.
 * Unfortunately, the web site is not mine. 
 * And only IE support, some detail javascript is not read clearly.
 * I can't be sure that how the new winodw opens. It seems to use
 * 'window.location = newurl' for doing that.

//Now the window opened. So here return the handle with size = 2
Set<String> handles = webDriver.getWindowHandles();

for(String handle : handles)
        // Here will block for ever. No exception and timeout!

This code works for This post modal dialog. An example link at But doesn't work for my issue. So the main point should be the way of the new window opened. And the page consists of several frames. I tried to build a website to simulate the situation for opening such window, but failed. The real web site need enterpise vpn to visit. So it can't be visited outside.

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Please give a snippet of your code. I have done it in one of my project so i can help you. – Aditya May 27 '13 at 13:16
I have updated the question. And please notice the comments in the code. – Kinorsi May 28 '13 at 2:25
Can you show the code where mainWinHander is set? – Pat Meeker May 31 '13 at 21:47
mainWinHandler is set after driver.getUrl("some_url"), like: webDriver.getUrl("xxx"); mainWinHandler = webDriver.getWindowHandler(); – Kinorsi Jun 3 '13 at 8:19

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Perhaps the cause is that the popup isn't ready. Execute the sentence document.readyState from the console of firebug for instance. If the result isn't "complete" the problem is there.

I have the same problema because the popup remain in state "Loading" and the driver.swhichTo(xxx).window not runs if the state isn't "complete".

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